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Extreme Rally Raid is a 3D PC game under development, close to rally raid races experiences, as the name is saying. The rally raid offer extreme races, long and strong stages, in natural environments with a lower human intervention. Is an idea and development of Punto Simu.


  • Real world maps: scenarios from real locations with accurate elevation and real scale
  • The cars remember to real ones
  • Drive with a roadbook like the professional rally drivers
  • Realistic car physics
  • AI drivers
  • Stages with different length, shorts and bigger, from a few minutes to a one hour or more to race
  • Dynamic weather and time
  • Vissual and mechanical damage
  • Multiple controllers allowed: steering wheel, keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick
  • Diferent races types: Extreme Raid, Novice Raid, Shakedown, Challenges. From casual to hardcore gamers can find an option to play here!

Development log


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Cuántos vehículos tiene?

Nunca recibí notificación, por ahora dos, pero obviamente vamos a ir sumando más durante el desarrollo.

Perfecto, ¿tienen pensado lanzarlo en Steam?

No se si Steam, hay un par de detalles que ver para eso, pero por esta plataforma seguro que sí. La idea es en unos meses lanzar la demo pública y gratuita, de ahí en adelante ir trabajando en una versión con más contenido