Dynamic environment II: Time of day

Backing to our thread that we began in the old Dev Blog of our website, and whereas we keep working in the new physics of the cars, we are to speak a few about 'time of day'. The time will be dynamic, perhaps the hours will be progressing in a real scale or maybe in a accelerated mode. But is a fact that you will can drive in some moment of the game in nights hours to end a stage. The cars will have lights to helps you to drive in this situation.

Throught with this feature the satellites will be in movement around the sky, with clouds, stars, etc. The sun will create, of course, the natural light for the illumination (and the shadows) of the scene.

Moreover, you can choose a basic skybox and illumination to save resources if you need improve the performance of the game, as we did recently in Expo Ludica 2017 to run the game in an older notebook.

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