Dynamic environment III: Weather

Hi again and happy new year!

A good reason to include a dynamic environment in this game is the weather system. With this feature we can control the weather easily and with a lot of possibilities of development, setting clouds, fog, wind, rain and many other things. Moreover, is possible add different weather specifications in the same scenario to make a variable weather condition.

Of course, this feature, can interact with another features, so if is raining, the settings of the surface can be change to have another feeling in the drive of the car.

Ending with this posts about the dynamic environment is important to note that is a big feature with a lot of options to use with a few limits. Maybe the most importants limits are the time available to develope new features and the performance of the game.

In a future topic we will returning to the present to show a lot of modifications that we're finishing to improve the game and bring a jump of quality for this game.

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