Third onboard gameplay featuring a lot of news!

Hi again! we have a lot of new stuff to show so we did a video. We explain these points below:


We worked in a lot of new things, so we use the Lion to make a new base to test everything. Some things still missing like the sound, but there are a lot of improves:

  • Physics: a more realistic and customizable physics were made.
  • Surfaces: the new physics are more suitable to make a feedback of the surface. For example, in this gameplay, we drive around a sand surface, where the drag reduce the final speed and we have a reduced grip.
  • Driver: we have a animated driver and codriver now. The driver can use the steering wheel, gearbox and the pedals!
  • Camera: new cameras are being developed from scratch
  • Damage: a new system is under development, this have an impact in the performance and the visual of the car. In fact, is working now but still missing a display showing this.


You can see a completely new -and not definitive- display. Some info have a new place and we have new and important info:

  • Radar: show the cars (The player at the moment), waypoints and roads or skidmarks in a closed radius. Is a tool for help the player, NOT for navigation without another info. With this tool the big marker for each waypoints is not important and can be removed.
  • Telemetry: With the speed of the car were added the gears and the RPM with a nice dial.


To end this topic, the radius to check for the waypoints is more bigger now, so you don't need drive right on the waypoint to make the check.

With these improves we'll working with the Toyoda and improving other points to release a demo public and free in the future.

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