May Roadmap

Hi everybody, we'll talk a few about the development progress:


We are working hard to improve the performance of the game. Taking the current demo scene (Oruro short), inside of Unity we improve the performance in at least 10 FPS. As our PC's are, or hardcore gamer or older, the next step will be test the performance in other computers.


Is a tricky point today, because we are using a software with an API from Google that are being modified, so we don't know how will impact this in this software. For this reason, we will accelerate as much as possible the work around this to have the elevations ready to work without this API if is needed.

New content

After of an advance in the previous points we'll work in new content to be showed and tested in some event during this year. There are no more details until a video or some like that.


Following with the manual gearbox addon and thanks to Game Work Jam Mar del Plata mentors, we have working a nice switch to change between three gearbox modes: manual, automatic and automatic sequential.

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