August Roadmap

Hi again, we hade a very productive month, testing, adding new content, improving things. Here we go:


It's online again!


We changed the space color from Gamma to Linear, this ensure a better fidelity in colours, moreover improve the experience in HDR tones and post script effects.


Materials of environment were improved, including PBR in some cases and testing new funtionalities removed later, at least for now, like Tesselation.

New content

The new car is working, missing some things to do yet, in a few weeks you can see this in action, in a location that are being updated and that will be showed soon.


We are working in the engine's sound.


Was added a new vissual damage system, that affect the performance of the car. Is missing add this on UI.


Was added too, the main impact will be in the weight of the car, this will be no important in other area, at least by now.

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