February Roadmap

Hi! it's last day of February, so, just in time. Well, our summer is going really fast. If you are following us in our social media accounts maybe you know that we begin to work in AI cars development. This point are going very well, but we need to adjust many things on terms of playability to add this feature.

Moreover we are re-working several points in terms of car physics and features around this. This works (playability, player and AI car) will be the core of the development of our coming months. 

Our goal is find a solid platform to scale the game in terms of locations, cars and game modes

Convoy mode

Looking improve AI cars this mode born and will survive when the game will be released. Is a mode where the player can race in real time with other 4 cars, AI cars at the moment. Is not the core of the game and not will be present to race in all locations, but we are sure that will be add an extra fun option for players.

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